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The fact that it persists strongly suggests that the scam still works, and with VOIP offering a low cost overhead for endless cold calling, these characters have the means to call as many people as they can fit into a working day. Snowed under with work, I laconically burst out laughing, and didn’t stop until the caller hung up. This one, despite her strong Indian accent, was called Rachel, one of the most English names you will find.

Of course, this is part of the tactic, to present a “civilized” veneer of legitimacy for what is, surely at the back of most people’s mind, a surprising call.

They’re constantly on the prowl: cold calling scammers claiming to be from “Windows Tech Support”, who in reality have the nefarious aim of downloading spyware and/or charging you for their assistance while they are remotely connected (or, worse still, both). I actually received two calls from the “Windows Tech Support” scammers.

It’s one of the biggest scams on the web, and it still goes on. The first, just after lunch, caught me at a bad time. Perhaps the same lady, I don’t know as I didn’t take the first caller’s name.

People consume foods that were never meant to be in our body, they eat foods in amounts that they body can’t manage, and they eat at times they shouldnt be eating.

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This scam is designed to be used on Windows computers only, and as you may well know, Linux security issues and viruses are rare.

Specifically, it’s a support engineer, and he’s concerned – concerned for...

Christian Cawley is Make Use Of's security and Linux editor, with extensive experience in IT desktop and software support.

At this point, the scam comes alive, as “infections” are found and you’re charged for their removal.

Simultaneously, malware such as Trojan keyloggers and spyware can be installed by the scammers.

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